Leckie works at a commercial laundry, Ensign Services in the Australian Capital Territory.

Leckie’s job involves folding towels, washers, sheets and other items. She then counts and bundles the laundry into the correct number of items in each bundle.

Leckie is slower to complete tasks than her peers and can follow simple instructions. She has difficulty concentrating and communicating. This is a result of Down syndrome.

Disability Employment Services provider, Job Solve has assisted Leckie to obtain the job, using the Supported Wage System. Leckie has been able to work full time for over 10 years using the productivity wages allowed under the Supported Wage System.

The productivity based wage has given Leckie an opportunity to work in the competitive labour market and her employer has gained a reliable employee.

In Leckie’s case, her productivity was assessed at 70 per cent compared with her peers. This means her employer can legally pay Leckie 70 per cent of award wages.

Through the Supported Wage System eligible people with disability can access a reliable process of productivity based wage assessment to determine fair pay for fair work.

Job Solve also provide ongoing assistance to Leckie and Ensign, including:

  • fortnightly meetings with Leckie’s manager and supervisor to work through any issues
  • liaison with Leckie’s other support providers for transport to and from work.

Leckie and Job Solve hope to continue their relationship with Ensign for years to come.

If you are want to work in the open labour market, but cannot find a job at full wage rates, the Disability Employment Services can help.

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Last updated: 11-04-2013