The New Enterprise Incentive Scheme is an Australian Government initiative that helps eligible unemployed people start and run their own small business.

Establishing a business can be another path to employment for people with disability. Starting your own business may offer you the flexibility you need to start work or return to work.

There is support available through the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme. Research has shown that New Enterprise Incentive Scheme participants with disability have very good success rates, as they are able to shape their businesses around their needs and limitations. Disability Employment Services participants can also get help through the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme while continuing to receive assistance through their DES provider.

How can the Scheme help me?

For the first year of the business, the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme you will get training, support and help to become self-supporting and independent. New Enterprise Incentive Scheme participants complete an accredited three-month small business management course. In the first year, you also receive business advice and mentor support to help the business become successful.

The scheme provides this support through a network of private, community and government organisations known as New Enterprise Incentive Scheme providers. These providers are local organisations such as Business Enterprise Centres, TAFE Small Business Centres, community organisations and private sector organisations. the organisations are contracted by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations to deliver the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme throughout Australia. All New Enterprise Incentive Scheme providers have accessible training facilities and premises.

Workplace adjustments and modifications for my business

In addition to the training and mentoring you receive while participating in the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme you may be eligible for help through the Employment Assistance Fund. The Employment Assistance Fund is available to eligible self-employed workers. It provides financial assistance to purchase a range of work related modifications and services.

More information on the Employment Assistance Fund is available through this link:

Case studies and success stories

Find out about how the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme has helped other people start their own business:

Last updated: 22-11-2013