The Workplace Adjustment Tool is a searchable database of products and solutions that can remove barriers in the workplace for people with disability.

There are over 750 pages in the database and a number of ways to search for ideas on how to make a workplace more accessible.  You can search for ideas and solutions based on the type of job being undertaken, a particular disability, a type of product or a particular supplier. When you find a product or solution that interests you, the tool will link you to suppliers or services in your state or territory.

Our step by step instructions are printer friendly:  

Help for the cost of workplace adjustments and solutions

There is help available to pay for the cost of workplace adjustments or solutions for eligible employees:


If you would like to nominate your business to be listed in the Workplace Adjustment Tool as a supplier, please submit our online supplier nomination form.  You'll find the form and further information about our suppliers using the link below:


The Workplace Adjustment Tool has been modelled on the highly successful United States Job Accommodation Network's Searchable Accommodation Resource (SOAR).  The JobAccess Advisers review and update the content of the database on a regular basis.

Need help?

Contact the JobAccess Advisers on 1800 464 800 or online: 

Last updated: 25-09-2012